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2022-2023 Catalog/Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Catalog/Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition Refunds and Impact of Non-payment

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Tuition Refunds

Students shall be eligible for a refund for those credit hours dropped during the add/drop period for the session. The refund will be at the full credit rate. After the add/drop period has passed, there will be no refunds except as provided below in extenuating circumstances.This deadline should not be confused with the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. For the standard semester, the last day to drop with refund is published in the college calendar. Refunds are issued to the registrant only. In order to be eligible for refund under any of the circumstances set forth in the foregoing paragraph, a student must execute an official drop form at the college or drop classes on the internet using the VCCS Student Information System (SIS) by refund dates published by academic term. Full refunds will be made when a course is canceled by the college.

All services shall be withheld from a student who owes money to the college or the college bookstore for any reason or who has books or materials outstanding from the college.

The college is authorized to issue a tuition refund based only on the following: (1) administrative error, (2) documented extenuating circumstances (e.g., major medical emergency, extreme financial hardship, death of an immediate family member, etc.), or (3) a national emergency or mobilization declared by the President of the United States and in accordance with Section 23-9.6.2 of the Code of Virginia. If a tuition refund is required as a result of actions of the college, the student may be granted a tuition refund notwithstanding earlier provisions of the section. In addition, if a tuition refund is required due to a highly unusual emergency or extenuating circumstance, any such refund shall be approved in writing by the Vice-President for Academic and Student Services or his/her designee.

If you have questions about the refund policy, contact the Admissions and Records Office. Students receiving any type of federal financial aid should also see the Title IV Refund Policy  in the Financial Aid section of this catalog.

Encumbrance of Records

All services will be withheld from a student who owes money to the college for any reason or who has books or materials outstanding from the Learning Resource Center. This means that no transcripts will be issued, the student will not be permitted to register, and no recommendations will be written nor other services provided.

Suspension of Students for Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees, College Loans, College Fines, or Other Debts Owed the College

A student’s continued attendance at the college is dependent upon proper settlement of all debts owed the institution. Should the student fail to satisfy all due and payable amounts for tuition and fees, college loans, college fines, or other debts owed the college, the student may be suspended. No student shall be allowed to register in any succeeding semester until all current debt owed to the college have been satisfied.

If any debts are referred for collection to an attorney or to a collection agency, the debtor will be liable for additional collection fees of the unpaid balance. Requesting goods or services will be deemed to be acceptance of these terms.

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